The Dresden Classic Timpani

The Dresden Classic Timpani combines the timeless tone of Dresden style drums with modern quality.

Timpani Hammered copper bowls

Hammered copper bowls

The hammered copper bowls are supported by a specially designed high strength suspension ring and cast steel struts that decrease the pressure on the frame and help prevent any flex or changes in the shape of the frame or bowl.

Traditional frame design

The traditional strong frame design reduces the strain of transport without sacrificing tone or stability.


Timpani Lockable castors

Lockable castors

Two different sizes – high or low (low wheels pictured). The timpani can also be delivered with adjustable stage screws and no castors.

Timpani Fine tuner handle

Fine tuner handle

Fine Tuner on player side.

Timpani Tuning key

Tuning key

Chrome plated adjustable handle tuning key making fine tuning fast and easy.

Timpani Tuning gauge

Tuning gauge

The advanced tuning gauge precisely registers every change of pitch, as it is directly attached to the tuning action.

Timpani Pedal mechanism

Pedal mechanism

The Dresden style pedal mechanism features a traditional clutch and ratchet foot operated design and a patent pending folded split rocker arm that eliminates the need for a transfer bar.