The Berlin Classic Timpani

The new Berlin Classic Timpani are made in accordance with 1950’s Berlin traditions with quality craftsmanship infusing modern technology.


Berlin Hardtke classic timpani

The Genuinely hand hammered shape

The Berlin Classic Timpani combines the classic characteristic shape with a much improved sound. The kettle is genuinely hand hammered into its characteristic shape with more than thirty thousand strokes, which radically changes the character of the copper and provides the kettle with improved timbre and strength.


An articulate, dark and fundamental sound

The traditional heavier bowl produce an articulate, dark, solid fundamental sound, stays true to the original Berliner timpani produced by Herr Günter Ringer in the 1950’s and 60’s. The new standard Hardtke Berlin timpani have brought back a sound that was exclusive to the great Berlin Orchestras for the past 60 years. These timpani have a powerful sound, blend and overtones that perfectly fit the Classic and Romantic repertory.



Berliner Pauken Werkstatt Timpani


Newly designed timpani bowls

The newly designed bowls have been developed with assistance from leading timpanists in Berlin. The result is increased volume and a warmer timbre that projects into the concert hall better than ever before. The adjustable pedal system is the well known Ringer-style. However, the newly developed classic ratchet enables an almost infinite variable operation. This system is the most reliable available on the market and requires a minimum of maintenance.



Timpani Tuning Gauge & Head Lock

Tuning Gauge & Head Lock

The advanced tuning gauge precisely registers every change of pitch, as it is directly attached to the tuning action. The locking of four tension rods secures the head during transport.

Timpani Tuning Key

Tuning Key

Chrome plated adjustable handle tuning key that does not fall off the struts, making fine tuning faster and easier.

Timpani Fine Tuner Handle

Fine Tuner Handle

Hand operated fine tuner placed near the player.


Timpani Lockable Castors

Lockable Castors

Two different sizes – high or low (low wheels pictured). Can also be delivered with adjustable stage screws and no castors.

Timpani Head Protectors

Head Protectors

Solid wooden disk with straps to protect the head.

Timpani Pedal System

Pedal System

Adjustable Ringer style pedal system.


Timpani Timpani Heads

Timpani Heads

Remo heads or Kalfo Super Timpani heads.





My Hardtke timpani with it’s Berlin style shaped bowl produces the exact beautiful, warm, rich, full sound I have always been striving for. In a way the Hardtke combine the dark, full sound of the Winkelmann Timpani I always loved and that special, clear and sustaining sound of the Ringer Timpani.

Marcus Rhoten / Principal Timpanist of The New York Philharmonic



Hardtke Timpani FAQ


What kind of heads do you recommend for the Hardtke timpani?

We always recommend Irish Super Kalfo heads and Remo renaissance heads.

What is the playing height of the timpani without wheels?

The playing height without wheels is 81,5cm

Do you offer different kinds of wheels / Castors?

Yes, we offer the low wheels as you can see on the pictures. These wheels increases the height with 7 cm and the big wheels with 12 cm.

Do you offer a retractable wheel system?

Yes, we offer a system which allows the timpani to stand directly on the floor.

Can I order my own bowl design?

As you can see, we offer two different bowl shapes and thicknesses. If you have a special wish to shape or thickness, we can make it.

Can I have painted counter hoops in stead of chromed?

Yes, we can paint them in the same colour as the frame

Can I order a special frame colour?

The standard colours are red/brown as on the site and Ivory, but we can do whatever you want – even pink.

Can I design my own flight cases?

Yes, the cases are always custom made to specific orders. You can see the standard model on the site