Hardtke timpani

20th Century Classic Timpani & Bass Drums by Hardtke

The Berliner Paukenwerkstatt is a leading provider of timpani and percussion instruments for symphony orchestras and educational institutions worldwide.

The classical timpani was made by Wolfgang Hardtke in his workshop in Berlin, Germany. Marco Hardtke has been running the company since 2014.

The product selection ranges from the Berlin and Dresden classical timpani to drums and flight cases. All products are custom-made according to customer requirements.



Berlin classic timpani

Berlin Classic Timpani

The Berlin Classic timpani are manufactured in the old tradition of the 1950s, just like Günter Ringer once did. With elaborate craftsmanship and modern technology.

Berlin Classic – details

Dresden classic timpani

Dresden Classic Timpani

The Dresden Classic model has a finer and nobler sound, with great articulation options. With traditional Dresden frame and shell.

Dresden Classic – details

Orchestra bass drum

Orchestra Bass Drums

The Hardtke philharmonic bass drums offer an unprecedented naturally rich, low-frequency response that is ideal for use in philharmonic concerts.

Bass Drum details

Timpani fligtht cases

Instrument Flight Cases

These specially designed flight cases are available in a range of standard sizes to match our standard instrument models.

Instrument Flight Cases


Below you can read the opinions about our instruments from some well-known timpanists, such as Tim Corkeron, Guido Rückel, and Simon Carrington:


Since using Hardtke Timpani I no longer get asked by Conductors to “use harder sticks” or to play “dryer”. So from the player’s perspective, I feel I can play with a lot of freedom.

Tim Corkeron / Principal Timpanist, Queensland Symphony Orchestra

Reference: Tim CorkeronQueensland Symphony Orchestra website


In my opinion, the timpani by Wolfgang Hardtke are simply the best instruments built nowadays. Grown up in Berlin, the timpani sound of this city always was the sound of Günther Ringer-timps. Wolfgang’s instruments are the only ones, coming close to this sound of the so-called “romantische Orchesterpauke”.

Guido Rückel / Solo timpanist, Munich Philharmonic

Referenzseite: Guido RückelMunich Philharmonic website


Wolfgang Hardtke simply makes supremely good instruments. The excellent standards of craftsmanship allied with innovative improvements to the original Ringer design provide drums with a deep rich tone, good sustain, and a clean, focused center to each note across an enormous dynamic range. The sound has a unique character – these timpanis are a joy to play.

Simon Carrington / Principal timpanist, Philharmonic Orchestra in London

Referenzseite: Simon CarringtonWebsite of the London Philharmonic Orchestra