Hardtke timpani

20th Century Classic Timpani by Hardtke

The Berlin Classic Timpani are made by leading German timpani manufacturer, Wolfgang Hardtke, in his Berliner Paukenwerkstatt – Berlin, Germany



Berlin classic timpani

Berlin Classic Timpani

The Berlin Classic Timpani are made in accordance with 1950’s Berlin traditions with quality craftsmanship infusing modern technology.

Berlin Classic Timpani details

Dresden classic timpani

Dresden Classic Timpani

The Dresden Classic Timpani in classic European style combine the timeless tone of Dresden style drums with modern quality.

Dresden Classic Timpani Details

Orchestra bass drum

Orchestra Bass Drums

The Hardtke philharmonic bass drums offer unprecedented a naturally rich, low frequency response that is ideal for use in philharmonic concerts.

Bass Drum details

Timpani fligtht cases

Instrument Flight Cases

This special designed flight cases are available in a range of standard sizes to match our standard instrument models.

Instrument Flight Cases