Hardtke Timpani FAQ

What kind of heads do you recommend for the Hardtke timpani?

We always recommend Irish Super Kalfo heads and Remo renaissance heads.

What is the playing height of the timpani without wheels?

The playing height without wheels is 81,5cm

Do you offer different kinds of wheels / Castors?

Yes, we offer the low wheels as you can see on the pictures. These wheels increases the height with 7 cm and the big wheels with 12 cm.

Do you offer a retractable wheel system?

Yes, we offer a system which allows the timpani to stand directly on the floor.

Can I order my own bowl design?

As you can see, we offer two different bowl shapes and thicknesses. If you have a special wish to shape or thickness, we can make it.

Can I have painted counter hoops in stead of chromed?

Yes, we can paint them in the same colour as the frame

Can I order a special frame colour?

The standard colours are red/brown as on the site and Ivory, but we can do whatever you want even pink.

Can I design my own flight cases?

Yes, the cases are always custom made to specific orders. You can see the standard model on the site