Berlin Classic Timpani

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Berlin options

Tuning Gauge and Head lock  

Tuning Gauge and Head Lock

The advanced tuning gauge precisely registers every change of pitch, as it is directly attached to the tuning action. The locking of four tension rods secures the head during transport.

Timpani Pedal System  

Pedal System

Adjustable Ringer style pedal system.

Timpani Fine Tuner Handle  

Fine Tuner Handle

Hand operated fine tuner placed near the player.

Timpani Lockable Castors  

Lockable Castors

Two different sizes high or low (low wheels pictured). Can also be delivered with adjustable stage screws and no castors.

Timpani Head Protectors  

Head Protectors

Solid wooden disk with straps to protect the head.

Timpani Tuning Key  

Tuning Key

Chrome plated adjustable handle tuning key that does not fall off the struts, making fine tuning faster and easier.

Timpani Heads  

Timpani Heads

Remo heads or Kalfo Super Timpani heads.

Timpani Flight Cases  

Flight Cases

Solid flight cases with a ramp and space for extra heads.